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Benefits of enrolling children in early years programs

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At a very young age, the well-being of a child can already affect their skills that prepare them for school. Pre-kindergarten programs, or early years programs, are highly recommended by parents and teachers alike because of the benefits they give to kids. Kindergarteners are expected to, at least, learn about the alphabet, numbers, and colours before joining their class, and pre-kindy programs can help them prepare for that. However, the positive effects of pre-kindy go beyond the academic aspects.

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If you can’t decide on enrolling your child in pre-kindy, here’s something to help you out. Below are the benefits of enrolling children in pre-kindy programs.

Develop positive perceptions about school

As parents or guardians, you’re probably familiar with the scenario during the first day of class: children would cry because they don’t want their parents to go, and the parents find it hard to say goodbye. As a result, children might develop a negative perception about school afterwards. They might dread going back to class or feel miserable inside the classroom.

Enrolling them in early years programs can make them develop a positive perception about school. Pre-kindy is like a playdate, instead of a formal classroom setting, making it easier for them to adjust. This way, getting to kindergarten won’t be difficult for both parents and kids.

Unleash creativity and curiosity

The old adage, “it’s about the journey, not the destination”, is what makes children learn better. Under pre kindy programs Brisbane offers, they are encouraged to be curious and creative in whatever they do.

Instead of focusing on perfecting the result, they teach children to have fun while working on projects and activities. And because kids have the wildest imaginations, asking them open-ended questions will stimulate curiosity and allow them to be as creative as possible.

Manage behaviour and emotions

Being able to manage their behaviour and emotions is a very important skill for children. The earlier they learn this, the better. And, this happens whenever they get to regularly interact with children of varying personalities.

In early years programs, children learn how to handle different emotions when dealing with their peers. They also learn how to listen and pay attention. Additionally, pre-kindy teachers teach children how to behave and why they should do it, instead of telling them what to do and what not to do. It helps the kids manage their behaviour better when they grow up.

Encourage learning through playing

Children aren’t wired for thorough academic learning at a very young age. Playing is how children learn best, and during pre-kindy, this is what they will be doing most of the time.

Strict academic teaching doesn’t work very well during their young years and could instead make them feel anxious during class hours.

On the other hand, incorporating lessons during playtime will let them enjoy school and ingrain the knowledge deeper in them. Finding teachers who encourage this kind of environment is vital, and you will find them at trusted child care Spring Hill centres.

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