How Vacuum Constriction Therapy Can Help You

For those suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED), vacuum constriction therapy can be the solution they need. As you might know, millions of men all over the world suffer from impotence. The symptoms are basically straightforward: it’s either they have difficulty getting an erection or have difficulty maintaining one. To address this problem, science has developed several potential solutions, such as oral medications, intracavernosal injections, surgery, and vacuum constriction therapy. If you haven’t heard of vacuum constriction therapy, check this out.

Among these solutions, vacuum constriction therapy remains the best option for those looking for a safe, non-invasive, reversible, and reliable method to counteract ED. In earlier times, a vacuum constriction device (VCD) was previously seen as nothing more than just a weird gizmo that is used to force an increase of the flow of blood to the penis. As time went on, however, those in the medical industry came to widely accept the benefits and capabilities of VCDs. As a matter of fact, these devices became one of the most prescribed and most successful treatment options over the years.

How does a vacuum constriction device work?

Check this out to see how a VCD works. The penis gets erect because of an increase in the flow of blood to it. A vacuum constriction device works by creating a vacuum around the flaccid penis, and through the negative pressure created by this vacuum, the flow of blood to the penile tissues is increased, therefore causing the penis to become erect. When erection is achieved, it can be sustained by applying the constriction ring around the base, which works by preventing or slowing down the flow of blood back into circulation.

Who can be helped by vacuum constriction therapy?

Everyone who is suffering from erectile dysfunction can be helped by vacuum constriction therapy. However, the patients who would stand to benefit most of all would be those that do not prefer or do not have access to oral medication options, and also those that are suffering from ED after radical prostatectomy. With that said, a vacuum constriction device can be used for treating ED regardless of its cause.

As an alternative to oral medication, patients have turned to using VCDs primarily because they are more interested in a treatment alternative that do not require them to ingest medicine. Medical specialists have also been prescribing vacuum constriction therapy under the following circumstances: if oral medication has failed to provide the desired results, if it is unaffordable for the patient, or if the oral medication that was prescribed is contra-indicated to the patient.

What is Vacurect?

The Vacurect Erection Enhancement System is a bestselling option for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in many countries. It uses the latest technology available in vacuum therapy and is clinically proven, discreet, and highly effective. Best of all, it was designed with functionality in mind, thus resulting in a superior device that provides minimal interference and distraction during intimate moments and allows for complete freedom of movement. You want to see how Vacurect’s design makes it the best choice?

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