Types of portable sound booth: Buy the best for your recording

Getting annoyed with the ambient noise and other unnecessary sound in your recorded tracks? Know about the two types of portable sound booth and see which fits you best.


portable sound booth


Such booths can help you control unnecessary noise as you record your tracks. While it’s almost impossible to totally remove unnecessary sound on your recorded tracks, unless you can trim out certain parts.

However, trimming is not applicable on many instances. Thus, you should know about sound booths, so you can keep such noise away to begin with.

What is a portable sound booth and what are its type?

You can’t edit out unnecessary noise whilst recording your vocals into a track. That would result to some changes to your voice, and trimming will include taking out parts of your vocals too.

Thus, the best solution is to prevent such noise from reaching your mic with the help of a sound booth, and buying a portable sound booth is a great choice.

What are sound booths?

To simply put it, sound booths are enclosures that shield your mic from ambient and unnecessary noise. This keeps your recording clean, capturing only your intended vocals or sound throughout the recording process.

You can build your own professional recording studio with sound-proofing treatments. However, these treatments can be quite expensive, thus you should consider buying a portable sound booth instead.

These are sound booths that you can conveniently carry around and are relatively cheaper than a full sound proofed studio. You just have to know the two types to see which one fits your needs.

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Modular sound booth

A modular sound booth is a small enclosure where you can do your recordings. It’s a few feet in width, length, and height, and can contain one person with an instrument inside.

Such type of sound booth could be disassembled and transported depending on where you want to do your recordings.

However, you might need to ask some experts in knowing the best modular sound booth for your recording purposes, and the people in 3DHDGear can help you. You can also see more in their shop for the best brands.

Mini sound booth

A mini sound booth is another portable sound enclosure that can help you have clean recordings. It is a small device that you can affix at the top of your mic stand, specifically right behind the mic.

You notice recording artists on movies, wherein they record with a mic that has a sort of enclosure behind it? That’s a mini sound booth.

Now, you just have to decide whether you would have a modular or a mini sound booth for your studio. However, it would still be best to come up with a full sound booth, so you can have professional-sounding recordings.

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